Are You A Potential Heir?

Heir Finder contacts potential heirs who may be entitled to an inheritance. Before contacting anyone, we assess the merits of the case or claim. If no heirs are located, inheritance assets may be seized by the government. We also may contact someone about a family member, a friend, or a neighbor, because they may be entitled to an unclaimed inheritance or missing inheritance from an estate. When someone with no known relatives dies intestate (without a Will), you may be contacted by several different companies who deal with missing heirs or a missing inheritance.  Each unclaimed inheritance company acts on its’ own initiative. Before signing any paperwork, make sure the unclaimed inheritance specialist you decide to work with is established, reputable and trustworthy.

100% of the Risk is Ours!

If Your Claim Isn’t Successful You Pay Nothing!

Our fees are paid only on a successful outcome when the estate distributes. If there is no recovery, you have no financial obligation at all.


Locating Missing Heirs - Locating Missing Beneficiaries

Heir Finder is an international probate research and genealogy firm that specializes in locating and tracing missing heirs, or unknown heirs, and unknown beneficiaries, at no cost to the estate. If someone is named in a Will but is a missing heir, or unknown heir, our probate researchers work to locate the unknown heir or missing inheritance assets. If there is no Will, and the person has died “intestate”, Heir Finder researches family history to find their next-of-kin. Without this type of research, many heirs would never receive their rightful inheritance, or missing inheritance, and the unclaimed inheritance assets would eventually become government property. We also gather documentary evidence used in state courts to prevent any fraudulent, incorrect or improper inheritance claims.

Probate and Estate Research  - Probate Research Investigation

Heir Finder’s probate research or heir location services are used by estate attorneys, public administrators, personal representatives, financial institutions and insurance companies, plus individuals to provide evidence in establishing legal connections to unclaimed inheritance assets. Heir Finder is not involved with government managed unclaimed property programs, where individuals issue a claim for abandoned property, held for them by their state.  Heir Finder does not serve people who simply want to find out if they are owed unclaimed property of any kind, including unclaimed cash from bank accounts or safe deposit boxes.

Locating a Missing Heir & Locating a Missing Inheritance

If you need to locate missing or unknown heirs to an estate, a missing beneficiary named in a trust and/or will, or track down a missing inheritance, Heir Finder probate researchers and genealogists  can help you.  If a missing heir or missing inheritance is not located during the initial search evaluation, Heir Finder will provide a quote with estimated costs, and an estimate of time required to complete the research assignment.  Fees for legal fiduciaries are based on the needs of each individual case - which may be paid by the estate.  Heir Finder does not charge hourly fees. 

Unknown Heirs – Missing Heirs & Missing Inheritance Research

Heir Finder never contacts anyone without being sure that the individuals identified are legally entitled to a share of an estate. Without unknown heir or missing inheritance research, anyone’s inheritance could be lost, or recovered by the government as an unclaimed inheritance, or unclaimed property, because the rightful heirs can’t be identified or located.

Heir Location Services: Probate Researchers and Genealogists

Heir Finder’s heir location services identify estates with unclaimed assets or possible missing heirs, unknown heirs or missing beneficiaries. The firm also identifies and locates missing heirs, compiles genealogical charts and court reports, and verifies relationships of claimants. Our firm provides expert testimony in court and recovers unclaimed assets for missing heirs. Heir Finder advances payment of fees and expenses and distributes inheritance shares. Once we have undertaken the research, each heir we locate enters into a contingency agreement with Heir Finder, compensating Heir Finder with a percentage of their inheritance when assets from the estate are distributed. 
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Our Success

  • “I receive so many unsolicited offers and junk mail that I ignored your initial letter to me. It was not until my cousin called about your letter that I gave it any credence at all. He is a lawyer and he offered to make some inquiries about your company. As a result, he, my sister and I are now each $15,000 richer. Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.”
    - Daniel S., New Jersey
  • “Since moving away from California in 1966 I had lost track of nearly all of my relatives still living there. It was a real surprise to learn that I was one of the heirs to my cousins estate. It was an even greater surprise to learn that my share was to be nearly a quarter of a million dollars. I am nearly 84 years of age now and it is going to give me great pleasure to share this inheritance with my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I’m sure it will be a welcome surprise to them all.”
    - Glenn C., Indiana
  • “Thank you for your professional, business-like approach in accomplishing the many steps required to properly process estate matters…. Your work and management on my behalf was thorough, efficient and completed as promised.”
    - Dudley F., Oregon
  • “We are very happy that you kindly took such good care of us. We thank you for your professional advice. I would be pleased to give you a great recommendation to anyone considering your services.”
    - James Y., Pennsylvania
  • “There is no way I could have afforded the time nor expense to achieve the results you did at a very reasonable percentage of the estate.”
    - Scott M., Arizona
  • “When I first received your call, I was about to hang up, thinking it was some sort of prank call or sales pitch. However, when you continued with much personal information about my family, I felt you had done extensive research, and decided to accept your reasonable terms to continue on my behalf. In due course, I received a substantial inheritance. Were it not for your effort, I would not have had the slightest indication that I was entitled to anything. I very much appreciate your efforts and am happy to recommend you highly.”
    - Lillian H., Florida
  • “My claim was very complicated and the attorney was outstanding in his knowledge of the law, understanding the situation and his negotiating skills.  It made all the difference.”
    - Regina F., Arkansas
  • “Without your help we would have never known about this money and it would have gone back to the government.”
    - Phillip P., Pennsylvania
  • “I couldn’t believe I was an heir of an unknown relative. Unbelievable! Had it not been for your company, I would have been unknown.”
    - Sandra C., Missouri
  • “I am XX years old and am in a retirement facility – my friends were so happy for me. I appreciate the fact that you kept in touch with me – it was exciting all along the procedure, and it’s nice to know I can leave a little to my children.”
    - Natalie C., California
  • “Thanks again for your wonderful work. I am sure you have made many families happy over the years. Keep up the wonderful work.”
    - Russell L., Indiana

If you believe you may be a potential heir to an estate, please contact us at 1-800-628-9575